Association Of Chinese Travel Professionals In Denmark (ACTPD) was founded in 2017. The aim of the association is to assist incoming agencies/tour operators with better resources, legal solutions, ect. The function of the association tend to help the business more smooth,  legal, and protect the business right.

The association is a None-profitable organisation. Funding members were 6 incoming agencies located in Denmark. The association has official been registered at Virk.dk as well as Chinese Embassy in Denmark. Right after the funding of the association, it already received lots attention from the Chinese Embassy, Visit Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen.  The fund of the association has fulfil a vacancy of a platform of Chinese incoming travel business in Denmark. 

ACTPD is not a large organisation, but the meaning is huge. It will not only going to benefit Chinese incoming travel businesses, but also going to assist the Danish relevant authorities to enhance a much better service in tourist industry.   

The member of the association is only going to be incoming travel agencies/tour operators, but not irrelevant business units or individuals.